Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 D & D Push/Pull Extravaganza

2009 Evolved Athletics Powerlifting Team

Sarina Benching

Nick Deadlifting

Andy Benching

Lindsay Deadlifting

Lindsay Benching

Kristina Benching

George Benching

George Benching

Sarina Deadlift Warm Ups

Carman Benching

Darian "BIG D" Benching

Arthur Benching

Andy Benching

Darian "BIG D Benching

2009 D & D Push/Pull Extravaganza
Hosted by: Evolved Athletics

This is the first of many powerlifting meets to come from Evolved Athletics.

We would like to thank:

RAW United, Spero, Danny Aguirre, Eric Tahlmant, Ryan, Joe, Chris, Danny and all our lifters for their participation and support in this event. We would also like to thank all of our spectators for coming out and showing their support.

Get ready for our next full powerlifting meet on August 15th, 2009.

2009 D & D Powerlifting Extravaganza

Start training hard now and sign up early to save your spot for this event.

Below are videos of the: (More video to come)

2009 D & D Push / Pull Extravaganza Meet

Nick DePaolo-350 Deadlift

Best Lifters: Yani, Sarina & BIG D


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  1. Great Job Crossfitter's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who ever said we can't lift weights! Ha