Sunday, May 31, 2009

Youth Resistance Training and Stunted Growth--MYTH??

I have had many emails and letters from concerned parents over my son Darian's powerlifting/strongman training. Many have made the comment that this will stunt his growth as a youth. I'm not really sure where this myth originated from but I am here to put to an end.

There are no published medical or university studies to prove this myth to be true. In fact, I have one article which is published by The National Strength and Conditioning Association "Youth resistance Training" which dispels  this myth. This article is published from medical journals, medical publications and university studies. This is only one of many research articles out there that dispel this on going myth.

Get the truth about youth resistance training and stunted growth. No More Myths:


  1. Isn't Big D already taller than you? And he is stronger too. Better looking. But whatever!

  2. This was sent to email this morning:

    I figure if this was true, all farmers would be pretty short and guys like Matt Hughes would be fighting at 5'2".

    Shawn Casey

  3. I started lifting heavy my sophmore year of high school at 15yrs, I was 5'6", 3 yrs later I was finishing up my freshmen year of college at 17 and was 6'1" and had just stopped growing.


    David Beers

  4. Yeah, but David Beers is A-B normal.

    Just sayin'!