Friday, November 11, 2011

Championship FGB

Awesome turnout tonight for Championship FGB! 

What started out as Ridgeo and a couple of guys having fun on a Friday night turned into an incredible group event. We had 11 people come out to test their skills with Championship FGB.

A regular FGB is only 3- 5 minute rounds with only 1 minute of rest between rounds.

FGB consists of:
Rower for calories
Box Jumps
Push Press (75 lbs.)
SDLHP (75 lbs.)
Wall Ball Shots

Tonight this group went for the Championship 5 rounds.
Not an easy task to take on but everyone made it through without puking or dying.

Congrat's to everyone that came out tonight!
Maybe we'll try this again in 8-12 weeks.

You know, just for fun! lol

1st Place: Jeremy Ridgeo 540
2nd Place: Mehmet 455
3rd Place: Andy 442
4th Place: Ben 392
5th Place: Brian Haag 390
6th Place: Adam 385
7th Place: David 345
8th Place: Trevor 334
9th Place: Allyson 309
10th Place: Samantha K. (3 Rounds) 194
11th Place: Torey (3 Rounds) 189

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