Friday, July 18, 2008

Sat. 7-19-08 BOOT CAMP: "Fight Gone Bad"

Sat. 7-19-08 BOOT CAMP:


Men on one team, women on another team. One person per exercise station. Each person will have a spotter/counter. First group to perform exercises must complete 1 min./exercise then move to the next exercise. Once all 5 exercises are complete they will have a 1 min. rest period then perform all five exercises again in the same order for two more rounds. After three rounds have been completed the spotter/counter will switch places and follow the pattern for three rounds. Add up all reps/calories completed for the 3 rounds and this is the persons Total Score for “FIGHT GONE BAD”.

Row for calories
Wall Ball Shots (as many as possible)
SDLHP (as many as possible)
Tire Jumps (as many as possible)
Push Press (as many as possible)


  1. So you waited until I was out of town to run Fight Gone Bad. Thanks!


  2. Don't worry Joe. I'll do another "Fight Gone Bad" again just for you real soon.