Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday 7-26-08 Boot Camp

Sat. 7-26-08 BOOT CAMP:
20 sec. of work, 20 sec. of rest, 20 sec. of Work
Per min. for 4 min. each Station

Boot Camp:
1. Plate Pinch Grip Carry 50 ft.
2. KB Overhead Carry One Arm(Left Arm Down, Right Arm Back) 50 ft.
3. Forward Lunge to Reverse Lunge
4. Wall Ball Shots
5. Burpees
6a. Partner Band Rows 2 min. Rowing
6b. Partner Band Chest Presses 2 min. Pressing
(Both exercises are done as one station at station 6a, 6b)

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