Friday, November 5, 2010

Sat. 11-6-2010 WOD

Two teams compete to reach 7000 m. on the rower. One person from each team will start with the shuttle runs. Once completed they will move to the next exercise. Then the next team member can begin the shuttle runs. Continue with this partner until all team members have completed all exercises in the course.
Keep repeating until your team reaches 7000 m. on the rower.
1st Team to reach 7000 m. WINS!

#1.) Odd Object Shuttle Runs

(45 lb. plate, 20 lb. MB, 20 lb. KB, 30 lb. KB)

#2.) Row 200 m.

#3.) 10 Tire Flips

#4.) Run 400 m.

#5.) 10 Wall Ball Shots

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