Monday, October 5, 2009

Tues. 10-6-09 WOD

Warm Up:
Shoulder Stretches
Figure 4’s Marching Down + Run Back x 4
Lateral Shuffles 4 x’s left & right
Back Pedal Down & Back x’s 4
Leg/ Hip/Calf Stretches

WOD: 4 Rounds each person
KB Shuttle Runs 20, 30, 40, 50

Tire Flips-(Two Teams)
Each team must complete 100 flips

Each team member will flip the tire 5 times then the next team member will begin. Switch team members every 5 flips and continue until your team reaches 100 flips. 1 st team finished wins!

Losing team completes 100 burpees. Divide the number of burpees (100) by the number of team members. Have FUN!


  1. Julie's mon food log:
    meal1:protein shake(8oz h2o,1scoopof pp,1/4 c banana),1-16oz h2o
    meal2:2boiled eggs,1/2 c cottage cheese,7 strawberries,1/2 peach,1black coffee,2-16oz h2o
    meal3:stuffed green pepper with 3oz hamburger,protein shake,(8oz h2o,1/2 c blueberries,1scoop pp)2-16ozh2o
    meal4:3oz salmon,1/2 c cottage cheese,4 stalks celery sticks,1 apple,salad,2-16oz h2o
    meal5:protein shake(8oz h2o,1scoop pp)1-16ox h2o

    crossfit and bike 6 miles

  2. Joe's Monday food log:

    8:30am Gladiator smoothie (slept in this morning)

    10:30am Western omelet, three slices of tomato

    2pm 7oz steak plus salad

    4pm WOD

    6:30 6 oz pork, 2 cups veggie mix (squash, zucchini, onions), 1 cup mixed berries

  3. Indira- Monday
    meal1- 1/2 chicken breast, cooked swiss chard, dec w/cream
    meal2-protein shake w/ miked berries and small banana, handful peanuts
    meal3-1/2 chicken, veg, slice canteloupe, handful peanuts
    meal4-protein shake w/mixed berries and small banana
    meal5-steak, 1/2 chicken breast, small salad, cooked kale
    water - 2L

    activity - crossfit

  4. Janet's Mon. FL
    6:45 BeTrue shake with 1 TBS oatmeal, coffee,cream,stevia,h20
    10:00 3oz chicken, 1/2 cup cot.cheese,4 prunes,h20
    1:30 4oz.flank steak, celery,apple, ten pecans,H20
    5:30 Be true shake with 1TBS.ground flax seed, 1/2 banana,h20
    9:30 1/2 C cott.cheese,2oz. fl steak

    activity: crossfit