Thursday, June 28, 2012

25 WOD Books Sold in 24 Hours!!!!!

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WOW is all I can say!

We sold all 25 CFTB WOD Books in the first day they were delivered.
Guess you guys are pretty serious about tracking your progress and goals.

That's good to see!

If you didn't get a CFTB WOD Book hang in there. You'll have another chance to get your hands on one.
We just ordered another 25 books today. They should be in within 7-10 days. If you want a copy I suggest pre-ordering yours ASAP before they're all gone again. They don't last long!

See Cordula or Jeremy in the gym to reserve your copy.

Do you have a hard time keeping track of all your times, scores and weights lifted?
Not sure what weights you lifted last session or what your previous max was?
Do you have a hard time figuring out what weights to put on the bar for each set?
Tired of hearing your coaches ask you these questions and not knowing the answers?

Now you can keep track of all this information in one easy to use CFTB WOD Book.

These books are more than blank sheets to write your numbers down.
These books are full of educational material as well.

Included in each CFTB WOD book you'll receive:
  • CrossFit lingo with accronyms and abreviations for each exercise
  • Nutritional guides for the Zone and Paleo diets
  • Lists of "Girls" & "Hero" WOD's with sections to track your scores & times
  • Travel WOD's to keep you in shape while you're away
  • Picutes and written descriptions of each exercise and how to perform them
  • Conversion charts to help you find your weights quicker
  • Over 6 months of sheets for tracking your strength & CF WOD information
Click HERE to view sample pages of the CFTB WOD Book.

CFTB WOD Books will be arriving by July 1st. We only have 23 to start with this order. If you are interested please pre-order your book today to make sure you get one before they're gone! They will go quickly.
Once these are sold we will take pre-orders for more books.

Should you have any questions please contact Jeremy Barnett at 239-851-3940 or at

Thank you for your support,
CrossFit Thoroughbreds

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