Thursday, July 23, 2009

Witmer Family Fund

As many of you know Mike Witmer passed away Monday at age 43 from a brain tumor. He leaves behind wife Christi and a 4 year old son Ryan.Mike was very well known for coaching youth sports, mentoring new powerlifters, and devoting countless hours to officiating at powerlifting and strongman competitions in several federations.

Mike was squatting 900+, benching 600+, and deadlifting 700+ in competitions of the late eighties and early 90's. This was before the modernized gear came into being. Some of us old timers also knew him as Mike Van Ness.

He was very well rounded in the iron games and also a very successful strongman competitor and bodybuilder.I have established a donation fund for the Witmer family. Donations of any amount would be appreciated.

The donation fund is set up on the main page of the APA website

For those wishing to attend the viewing hours or funeral:Viewing hours will be Thursday 5-7 and Funeral will be 11AM Friday at the 1st Baptist Church (Rt 17 - Brevard Ave)in Arcadia, Florida. (Viewing hours are also at the 1st Baptist Church).I am hoping many of you can attend the viewing hours or funeral. Our sport has lost a legend and many of us have lost a great friend.

Thank you,

Scott Taylor

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