Saturday, July 18, 2009

3rd Annual SW Fl. Strongman Competition

We had an amazing turnout today at the 3rd Annual S.W. Florida Strongman Competition. It was held at Alli-Gators off Colonial Blvd. at 12:00pm. Nineteen competitors competed for the title of S.W. Florida's Strongestman.

*Four women competed in the Women's division
*Eleven men competed in the Novice division
*Four men competed in the Master's division

Evolved Athletics had 7 members compete today. Kristina Merza "Krazy" competed in the women's division, Nelson Sprague competed in the novice division, Darian Barnett "BIG D" competed in the novice division, Alex Roepe competed in the novice division, Daniel Miller competed in the novice division, Jim Dundon competed in the master's division & Wayne Miller competed in the master's division.

These 7 men and women gave it their all today and represented our gym with great effort and energy. Congratulations to each one of you!

Lifter Ranking:
Kristina Merza "Krazy" 2nd Place Women's Division
Alex Roepe 7th Place Novice Division
Darian Barnett "BIG D" 8th Place Novice Division
Nelson Sprague 9th Place Novice Division
Daniel Miller 10th Place Novice Division
Jim Dundon 1st Place Master's Division
Wayne Meyers 2nd Place Master's Division

Part 1 Log Press

Part 2 Axle Deadlift

Part 3 Sledge Hammer Iron Cross Holds

Part 4 Stone Loading

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