Friday, July 10, 2009

Sat. 7-11-09 Boot Camp


MB chest pass with partner (20 sec. work, 10 sec. rest x 8 rounds)

Overhead Plate Carry 60 yrds. 4 ROUNDS: Elbows must remain locked out over head. (30 yrds. down & 30 yrds back, group stays in a single file line following each other down & back. If you put the weight down before making it back to the start line do 10 burpees)

Truck Push 100' x 4 Rounds per person (After truck Push Lateral Shuffle 100 yrds. back to start line (50 yrds right & 50 yrds. Left)

Kaylee Krohn
Kaylee Krohn
awwwww thanks jeremy:) i know i complain alot lol but thanks for never getting mad at me:) yur a great trainer...u make me want to push myself to work harder..thank u

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