Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mon 2-22-2010 WOD



10am after Sat. morning Boot Camp

$25.00/person ONLY 15 Spots Available!!

Do you hurt when you run? Do you suffer from shin splints, knee or hip pain? Improving your running efficiency may be the key to running both pain free and faster.

You will learn the POSE running techniques in this seminar and spend two full hours with a certified CrossFit Endurance Coach learning the fundamentals of proper and efficient run technique.

Learn how to utilize CrossFit and minimize oxidative overload to improve the performances of both your short distance and endurance distance runs
Our Coaches are experts in strength and conditioning for endurance athletes.They have extensive experience in programming and in turning the mediocre performer into a great athlete!

All proceeds from this seminar will go directly to the EA Youth Club to help support our local Lee County Youth in their quest for better health, wellness and fitness. Learn more at

Warm Up: 5 reps each

Shoulder Dislocators


High Pulls

Hang Cleans


Overhead Squat

WOD: 4 Rounds

10- Back Squats @ 60% 1rm

1-Lap Around Bldg.

20- Push Ups

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