Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Your Life Can Change in a Second!

For those of you that know me you know that I love riding motorcycles. It's my passion, hobby and it's what helps to keep me sane at the end of a long work week. As with all motor sports comes extreme risks. I and the other riders in my group know these risks and do everything we can to minimize them at all costs. Unfortunately you can't always control every situation and accidents do happen. 

On Sunday Nov. 30th, 2014 a close friend and riding partner of mine Dan Millard crashed his motorcycle and was air lifted to Tampa General Hospital with serious injuries. His sister has organized a fundraiser to help Dan with his medical expenses. Please take time to read her story below and click this link to show your support:

Going into the new year CrossFit Thoroughbreds will be hosting a Charity Fundraising WOD event to help Dan. We will be posting details in a few weeks. We hope you'll join us for this event and show your support.

Thank you,
Jeremy Barnett

Danny (Dan) Millard

THE STORY: Organized by: Heather Battey

My Big Brother, Danny (Dan) Millard was in a serious motorcycle accident on November, 30th. He was doing what he loved, riding around the countryside on a sunny Florida day on the beautiful orange ninja bike that he loved. He was air- lifted to the closest Level-1 Trauma Center, Tampa General Hospital and the bike was totaled. We only learned of the accident and the severity of it shortly after from from his girlfriend who was already in route to him while keeping us posted.

After a very long hour, I spoke with a wonderful Doctor who plainly and calmy stated.....
"let's start from the top.....his head is okay and his brain is fine. He is awake and alert and has been so the whole time, he had some blood in his lungs, but we got that out. He fractured a left rib and can move his arms....He shattered his T5, thoracic vertebrae and there are fragments all over......" The doctor then told me Danny could not feel or move his legs, and he was not sure of the long term damage to his spinal cord, or if/when he will walk again....
My big brother in so much pain and unsure of his future, what we are all feeling is nothing compared to him.
Needless to say, we are all in shock. He has no medical insurance and will need surgery, rehabilitation, and a support on top of paying bills and everything else we have not even considered at this time. We are starting this fundraiser to help offset what will surely be staggering medical bills and the cost of long term care. Every little bit helps and our family thanks you for your help and support during this extremely trying time.
I will post updates as I have them.

Click here to show your support:

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