Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thoroughbreds Showdown Event & Heat Schedule

All Thoroughbreds Showdown Competitors:
 Please take note of the the event schedule and which heat you will be competing in. 

We need all athletes to be at the gym at 9:00am Saturday, 12/13/14.

CrossFit Thoroughbreds
11495 S Cleveland Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33907

9:00am              Registration
9:15am               Movement Standards

“Oh My Quad”
10:00am            Heat 1
10:15am            Heat 2
10:30am            Heat 3
10:45am            Heat 4
11:00am            Heat 5

“Ball Out Till You Fall Out”
11:15am            Heat 1
11:25am            Heat 2
11:35am            Heat 3
11:45am            Heat 4
11:55am            Heat 5

12:02pm            Lunch Break

“Chip This”
1:00pm             Heat 1
1:15pm             Heat 2
1:30pm             Heat 3
1:45pm             Heat 4
2:00pm             Heat 5

2:30pm             Award Ceremony

Heat 1
Leah Shinn
Sue Phelan
Cori Smith
Jane Kirkman

Heat 2
Ariana Bramhall
Linda White
Meagan Swartout
Kristina Kell

Heat 3
Lexi Fenske
Kelly Woodward
Daviana Gonzlez
Jean Ihnat

Heat 4
Alcia Miller
Amanda Guzman
Katrina Harmaty
Patricia Clune

Heat 5
Vince Matchett
Kyle DeCicco
Derek Miloff
Rob Phelan
Adam Felix

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