Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thoroughbred Showdown Success!

Our Thoroughbred Showdown event was a huge success. We want to thank everyone that come out to compete and to all the spectators that came out to show their support. Such an amazing group of athletes. Everyone gave it 100% and we couldn't be more proud!

Here is a list of each division and the athlete standings:

Beginner Women:

1: CeCe Baschieri                 4 points
2: Leah Shinn                        7 points
3: Kelly Woodard               10 points
4: Cori Smith                       13 points
5: Daviana Gonzalez            18 points
5: Sue Phalen                      18 points
6: Linda White                    19 points
6: Jean Ihnat                       19 points
7 Cierra Baschieri               23 points

Scaled Women:

1: Katrina Harmaty              5 points
2: Mandi Guzman                6 points
3: Alicia Miller                     7 points

Scaled Men:

1: Kyle DeCicco                 3 points
2: Rob Phalen                     8 points
3: Vince Matchett               9 points
4: Adam Felix                   11 points
5: Derek Miloff                 14 points

Special thanks to all the CrossFit Thoroughbreds 
staff and judges for their help and support!

From left to right:
Eleina, Brian, Jeremy, Sam, Arielle, Luis, Darian

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