Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CrossFit Saved my Life!

OCTOBER 30 2013
Wednesday at 07:49 am
Mandy Monson "Reprinted with permission from Fransclosetrx.com"

Yesterday my kids and I pulled into CrossFit Connex for the noon WOD. As we parked, my husband called.  He told me he needed me to take him to the ER immediately.  Life can change that quickly.

My husband has been doing CrossFit for about 6 1/2 years.  I started about 3 years ago.  I wasn't always a fan.  In fact, I was a pretty vocal adversary for a while.  Just ask my first coach, Skipp, who heard me rant and rave about the time, money and investment that CrossFit meant for our family. I have gotten better, I drank the cool-aid.  I now train almost as much as my husband (okay, not really as much, but close...) Our kids, aged 4 and 6, love to WOD as well.  

So, yesterday when our life changed dramatically, CrossFit was forefront of both of our minds. My husband, the strongest man I know, had a serious health condition.  As I watched my superman deteriorate before my eyes, I prayed that he would be okay.  For me, for our kids, for our life as a family.  

The ER staff repeatably mentioned how fit he was, saying things like "wow, he's sporty", or "because your so dense and muscular this test is a little harder to do".  After the initial testing and a diagnosis was made, the comments had a theme of because you are so healthy and fit, your body can handle it better than others.  As a nurse, I take that as, because your are so healthy, you are still alive.  
And that is when I started to think, Thank God for Crossfit.  

My husband has always been active, before CrossFit he ran marathons.  But CrossFit has made him strong.  It has made all of us strong.  For once, I was not irritated at all when he was thinking of CrossFit during all of this.  When said, "Decreased lung capactiy, FUCK THAT!", I actually smiled and encouraged him. I know that this way of life has benefited our family.  I know that all the time and money has gone toward something more than just a WOD.  It has gone to a body that can withstand serious illness and be there for our family.  It has gone towards a mental toughness and competitive spirit that ensures we can handle whatever is put in front of us.  3, 2, 1.....GO!

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