Tuesday, October 22, 2013

135 lb Over Head BOX JUMP

So if you love this video you need to check out Darian's other incredibly awesome videos too.

390 lb. Overhead squat at 170 lbs. Body weight

340 lb. Push Jerk at 170 lbs. Body Weight

305 Clean N Jerk at 170 lbs. Body Weight

330 lb. Clean at 170 lbs. Body Weight

570 Deadlift PR at 170 lbs. Body Weight

2010 Europa Show of Champions Orlando, Fl.
APF Powerlifting Single Ply Nationals

Darian Barnett "BIG D" (ALL RAW)
Age 16,
B.W. 190lbs.
(APF 16-17 yr. old, 198 lb. Class)

APF Raw Record Squat 512 lbs.
APF Raw Record Bench 308 lbs.
APF Raw Record Deadlift 551 lbs.
APF Raw Record Total 1371 lbs.

BIG D 3rd Annual S.W. Florida Strongman Competition in Ft. Myers, Florida 7-18-2009. 215 lb. Log Press, 405 lb Axle Deadlift, 18 lbs. each hand Sledge Hammer Iron Cross Holds, Stone Loading 52" 200 lbs., 220 lbs., 240 lbs., 260 lbs., 280 lbs.

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