Monday, July 1, 2013

Megan Heller Wins 10th Place Hog

The Bacon Beatdown

Our very own Megan Heller has trained for the past few months for The Bacon Beatdown competition that took place this past weekend in Orlando. She competed for two days in 6 CrossFit style WOD's. Megan competed in the women's "Hog" scaled division and took 10th place out of 61 competitors in her division.

I am extremely proud of her accomplishment especially since this is her very first CrossFit type competition. Pretty impressive to place top 10 first time competing. Now it's time to get back to training and prepare for the next big competition. Congratulations Megan!!

Megan's Score 10th Place Overall

She's one tough Mommy!

Below are the WODs in order:
6 WODs plus 2 floaters to complete at any time

WOD 1: 10min time cap (9:28am Area 2 Heat 8 Lane 14)
100 air squats
50 snatches 55#
100 air squats

WOD 2: 12min AMRAP (11:52am Area 1 Heat 9 Lane 5
10 alternating single leg burpees
20 double unders
30m sled push 135#

WOD 3 (2:33pm Area 2 Heat 23 Lane 8)
Buyin 20 deadlift 145#, 3 min AMRAP pull ups
Buyin 20 front rack standing lunges 65#, 3 min AMRAP knees to elbow
Buyin 20 Sumo deadlift highpulls 65#, 3 min AMRAP rope climbs

WOD 5: EMOM (8:14am Area 3)
Keg ground to overhead ladder with 7 burpee buy in.  10 ascending weights from 40-140#. 1 minute to complete the burpees and lift the keg at each weight station before progressing up the ladder. After a failed attempt, athlete may use the remaining minute to earn bonus points by doing additional burpees.
If athlete reaches and completes the final keg lift, the athlete will then complete as many reps in the remaining time of keg ground to overhead for tie breaker.

WOD 4: 6 rounds 12 min time cap (9:56am Area 2 Heat 9 Lane 3)
6 ball over bar 70# med ball lifted and tossed over racked back squat bar
6 back squats 105#
12 ring push ups

WOD 6: 10 min time cap (2:33pm Area 1 Heat 4 Lane 10)
30 weighted overhead lunges Right leg 15#
30 cleans 95# (any kind, power/muscle/squat)
30 weighted overhead lunges Left leg 15#...BOOM!!        

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