Thursday, May 24, 2012

Survey Repsonses

I'd like to thank everyone for their survey responses last night. We appreciate all the feedback and the wonderful compliments. We're always striving to improve our CrossFit program for our members. We want our members to feel free to make suggestions and bring new ideas to us to help us build and grow in the direction that our group is interested in.

Move Over
Some of you had concerns over lack of equipment and space. We have addressed the space issue by opening the room several weeks ago and now have an additional 1200 sqft. As for equipment we are in the process of ordering more barbells, bumper plates and squat stands. We should have them in the next 4-6 weeks.

Make it Harder!
A few people had mentioned wanting harder or more challenging WOD's similar to the CrossFit Open competitions. We have been working on the programming and have added in more challenging WOD's, Named WOD's and even team related WOD's. If you feel you need more than what is posted in our daily WOD please see Jeremy or Cordula and they will be happy to show you how to increase the intensity of the WOD to get more out of it. We love making it more challenging and are happy to assist you.

A Little Competition
We asked if anyone was interested in team WOD's, races or competitions and many of you seemed very interested. There are many Tough Mudder events, 5K's, Fitness Challenges, Olympic Lifting Competitions and Powerlifting Competitions going on each month. If you have any interest in competing in such events please let Cordula or Jeremy know. We would love to help you prepare for these events. We may even be able to start a team for each event to make it more fun.

We had 18 people show up last Friday night at 5pm for a friendly team WOD. This is not a scheduled or coached class. This was a group of CFer's just getting together to have some fun. We'd like to keep doing this on Friday's for anyone interested in coming out to compete and challenge themselves more. As previously mentioned we are NOT coaching during this time. If you are unfamiliar with most of the exercises or are not up to competition pace for the WOD's then this may not be something you're ready for just yet. Continue with the weekly CrossFit classes until you have learned and perfected each of the CrossFit exercises, built up your strength, skill, speed and power to be able to compete with the teams. You'll be ready soon enough. Then get in there and give them hell.

That's Too Much!
One final issue some members addressed was the cost of our Olympic Lifting class on Saturday. Several people felt that $90 for 3 months (24 total hours of coaching) was too much. We're sorry you feel this way but this is not a typical CrossFit class. This is a 2 hour skill related class dedicated to improving and perfecting each participants form and technique on the Clean N Jerk and Snatch. The two most complicated lifts known to man to perform. We do practice these movements in our regular CrossFit classes but in our Oly Class we are able to spend much more time on each individual persons form and technique. We can pick apart all the flaws in mechanics and work on perfecting form, technique, speed and power. Our coaches have invested many years into their education, practice and perfection of these lifts to be able to coach our members and get them the results they are looking for. We would hope that our members would value our expertise and our time invested and see that the  $3.75 for each Saturday class is a bargain and hugely under priced for the quality coaching each member receives. We value and respect each of our members and their time. We would hope our members would value and respect or knowledge, time and service as professionals equally.

Once again we thank and value each of our members and look forward to better serving each of you in the future.

Thank you,
CrossFit Thoroughbreds Staff

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