Monday, April 23, 2012

You get more classes in May

Four more classes will be added to training schedule begining this May 2012

11:00am CrossFit Class
We will now have an 11:00am CrossFit class Mon. - Thrs.

We will need a minimum of 5 members participating in the class on a regular basis to keep this class on the schedule. If after 60 days we can not meet the minimum requirement for attendees we will remove this class from the schedule.

Mon. - Thrs.: 7:00pm Bar Benders Strength & Skill Class

Want to take your strength to the next level?
Improve your CrossFit Total, Oly lifts or hit more WOD’s as RX?

This is the answer.
Introducing our brand new
“Bar Benders Strength & Skill Class".

This class is designed for anyone interested in taking their stregnth training to the next level.
Break through all those annoying sticking points and barriers. Learn ways to improve your stregnth and performance with specialized strength & accessory exercises. You will also work on improving form, technique and flexibility on all the core lifts and CrossFit functional exercise movements.

This class will focus on improving:
Squat (Overhead, back & front) technique & stregnth

Bench Press technique & stregnth
Deadlift & Sumo Deadlift technique & stregnth
Strict Press technique & stregnth
Pull Ups technique & stregnth
Increase flexibility & R.O.M
Improve strength, speed, power & explosiveness

This Class Does Require a Registration Fee.
Individual Class Prices
$5.00/class for members
$10.00/class for non-members

Unlimited Monthly Class Prices (Add on to current membership)
$40.00/mo. CF Members
$80.00/mo. Non-Members (Debit/Credit Card Payment Only!)

Olympic Lifting Program
Coach Darian Barnett
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Coach

This is a 12 week program of olympic lifting training.

This program will begin on: Saturday May 5th, 2012
And conclude on: Saturday July 28th, 2012.
All registrations must in by: Thursday May 3rd, 2012
Classes will be held every Saturday from 9:30am - 11:30am.
Every 12 weeks a new session will begin!
Dedicated to the Following:
Clean & Jerk
Deadlift & Squat

Class size is limited to 20 athletes so register today!
For more information & to register please click HERE

Beginning Friday May 4th, 2012

Friday's at 7:00pm Gymnastics Class

"Gymnastics gives children the tools they need to build a successful future: courage to explore unique talents, the confidence to set lofty goals and the creativity to reach them. Above all, it develops the discipline to achieve."
U.S. Gymnastics Federation

This program is for youth ages 8-16.

Your child will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics along with tumbling skills (forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, etc.), basic gymnastics vocabulary, and proper technique and form. Your child will learn the right way to stretch as well as gain the strength necessary to complete each skill in progression. Throughout this program, your child's coordination, muscle memory and overall body awareness will improve dramatically.

Please contact Jeremy Barnett for prices and to register at or by phone 239-851-3940.

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