Monday, April 30, 2012

Fort Myers CrossFit TB Tues. 5/1/2012 WOD:

WOD: 2 Round 

Row 250m.

100 Mt. Climbers (each side)

Run 400m.

10x MB Rotational Slams (each side)

10x Box Jumps

10x KTEs

400m. Plate –or- Sandbag Carry

Jump Ropes

Bar Benders Strength & Skill Class
7pm Mon. - Thurs.
Registration required!!

Class Prices: 
$40 per month with CrossFit Membership
$80 per month without CrossFit Membership
$5 per class with CrossFit Membership
$15 per class without CrossFit Membership

POWER WOD: Strength/Conditioning

4 Rounds 

Row 250m.

Sandbag Carry down and back

Tire Flip down & back

10x MB Rotational Slams

10x Box Jumps

Sled Push down & back

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