Monday, January 16, 2012

Hammerheads take another victory


I really believe that rugby represents the best opportunity for an athlete to apply Crossfit obtained speed, strength, endurance, and focus. It is truly the ultimate team game with all players sharing the responsibilities of passing, running, and playing both offense and defense. It is a game that has positions that will accommodate players of all sizes, and despite not wearing pads it is a game that produces significantly fewer serious injuries then American Football. Most players in the US don’t start playing the game in until college or later. So no experience in necessary and we are happy to teach those interested.

But don’t take my word for it check out this video featuring two of the World Champion New Zealand All Blacks and dedicated Crossfitters -

Dan Banks

Just beat Tampa Krewe 26 - 16. Hammerheads are rolling through D2 Florida rugby.

Left center in green jersey-Dan Banks
Left middle in green jersey-Miguel Gonzalez
Left rear in green jersey-Jean Etcheverry

Nice job Hammerheads!
CrossFit training is paying off!


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