Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fort Myers CrossFit TB 8-8-2011 WOD:

Important: There will be no Boot Camp on Saturday Aug. 27th 2011. All coaches will be gone for a CrossFit educational seminar. We will be posting a workout. The gym will be open from 9 to 9. Feel free to come in on your own!! Please be courteous: clean and put away all equipment!
If you have any questions see Jeremy or Cordula 


Monday 8-8-2011

WOD #1: Complete 3 Rounds - Best Time

Goal to complete in under 15 min.

Partner Sled Push down room & back
Partner Barbell Carry to 41 & Back (Men 135, Women 65-95)

When finished rest 5 min. then complete:

WOD #2: 4-Rounds

As a team each person rows 100 m. until all meters are complete. Then they complete the run together

Row 400 m
Run to 41 & back

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