Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pendlay Do-Win Olympic Weight Lifting Shoes for sale

Pendlay 2011 
Do-Win Olympic Weight Lifting Shoes for sale.

Mens Size 10 US.

Brand new. Still in package.

Please see Jeremy Barnett in the gym or call 239-851-3940 or email at .

Sale Price $110.00
(Should you need them shipped the shipping price is not included!)

2011 Pendlay WL - Lime Green
Regular price: $129.99

2011 Pendlay Weightlifting (Wide-Line Stitch) Shoes

The new Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Shoes have the same great fit as the much improved 2010 style. The most dramatic changes are in the style of the shoe. The 2011 Pendlay's feature a Wide-Line Stitch with matching color accents throughout the shoe. The leather has black characteristics with deep navy undertones, and the mesh fabric and heel are black. We kept the heel at 3/4 inch in height, the preferred height in Olympic Lifting. The heel is still solid cork but now is encased in black leather. The bottom of the shoe has changed color to black but the material is the same with the dependable grip to the floor as in all Pendlay WL shoes. Based on customer experience we recommend a half size down from your regular gym shoe size.

These shoes are made for weightlifting only because of the soles rigid design. Doing movements such as box jumps, sprints, jump roping, and anything else that will cause extreme flex to the sole will compromise the integrity of the shoes. 

When used properly the failure of these shoes is extremely rare as we have seen with the high number of nationally ranked weightlifters who use these shoes everyday to train and compete.

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