Friday, May 13, 2011

Fort Myers CrossFit TB Boot Camp Sat. 5-14-2011

Boot Camp: 2 People Per Team

One person works while the other rests. 1 min. of work then switch partners. 8 min. per exercise. 4 min. per team member each. Count your reps for each minute of work for each exercise. Add all reps for each minute and each exercise to get your total reps for Groups 1-4. Add your reps and your partner’s reps together to get the team score. Team with the highest score WINS!!!

Group #1

Wall Balls

Rest 2 min

Group #2

Pull Ups

Rest 2 min

Group #3

KB Swings (Men 50-70, Women 30-40)

Rest 2 min

Group #4


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