Thursday, May 5, 2011

110 lbs down 43lbs to go

To all those struggling with weight loss.
Phil Roberts Testimonial is a prime example how important proper diet and consistency is to the success of your weight loss. (Diet is 80% of his results)

If you are interested in receiving similar results please contact Jeremy at for the Phil Diet Plan.
Phil Roberts Start at Evolved Athletics
June 2009 Weight 378

Phil Roberts Start Date Of New Diet
January 15 2011 Current Weight 314.4
First Photo To Second Photo 1 1/2 yrs

Phil Roberts  March 16 2011
Weight 289
Second Photo To Third Photo 3 Months

Phil Roberts March 23 2011
Current Weight 284
Pants size before size 48
Current size 42

Phil Roberts May 5 , 2011
Current Weight 268
Current Waist 38
Total Loss 110 lbs From June 2009 - May 2011
Second Photo To Final Photo 4 Months 2 Weeks


  1. Jeremy, anyway you can share a video of Bruegner Junkyard warm up? Or post on a WOD

  2. Crazy results there, huge kudos Phil, keep it up!!