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Orlando CrossFit Competition 4/30/2011

This is Nicole, with Life as Prescribed, contacting you in regards to the the Life as Prescribed US Tour taking place in Orlando on April 29th and 30th being hosted within the Europa Fitness Trade Show and programmed by Jeff Tucker, founder of CrossFit Gymnastics and Hard Rock Cafe after party.

We are looking to get the local CrossFit community and affiliates involved and would like to send you our event flyer to hand out, poster, and an event badge to post on your website to help in promoting the event locally.  In return for your help we want to offer you a $25 gift card to the Life as Prescribed online store$25 off design services for Affiliates as Prescribed, a bunch of free stickers, and for any participating affiliates we will also post your page on our site. 

If you have any questions please email me at or call Life As Prescribed at 760.635.5998. Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to working with you very soon! :)


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Event websites:

There will be: Individual WODS, Team WODS, an after party, prizes, music, demos and more. 

What you can do to help:

- Attached is a zip file with plenty of advertising information that you can use to help promote us. Feel free and use it any way you like!

- We love feedback so feel free and send us any ideas you might have to help us make a great event!

Get your discount:

$25 off - Send an email to to redeem
$25 off - Send an email to to redeem

Other info:

I want to participate even more! 
If you are super eager to help us out even more feel free and email If you would like to have a presence at our event via a sponsorship email for more details. 

Bonus Competition:
In an effort to make this far more than just a “CrossFit Event” and to get the crowd and spectators involved, there will be a number of bonus events and competitions hosted by us as well as our sponsors. This will be a chance for spectators to take part in games and mini-competitions throughout the day to win prizes and prestige.

Individuals workout: 
The registration fee for an individual is $50, this includes athlete admission to the Europa show. Competitiors must register online prior to the competition, no day-of showing up and competing.

Teams workout:
The registration fee for a team is $150, this includes athlete admission to the Europa show. Teams must register online prior to the competition, no day-of showing up and competing. Teams will be comprised of 4-6 individuals, with a one woman minimum. As some WODs may have mandatory woman participation, it is recommended to have two women, but is not required.

Spectator fees:
We are not charging for spectators to come to the CrossFit competition, but there is a door charge with Europa to enter the convention center. All expo tickets are purchased at the door and the pricing is as follows: Ages 13-Adult, $20; Ages 6-12, $15; Ages 5 & Under, FREE. That being said, the expo ticket allows full event privileges, not just CrossFit spectator-ship. Here are the other events taking place: 

33 Events - 7,500 Competitors - 600,000 square Feet, 30,000 attendees
Cage Fitness   
Florida Cheerleading Competition
Florida Dance    
Orlando Pro & Kids Skateboard Competition  
Orlando Gymnastics Competition
USA Wrestling
USA Judo - Olympic Qualifier  
USA Boxing
USA Fencing State Championship
National Kick Boxing Tournament
GOLDS GYM Stage & Fitness Demo
IFBB Pro Bodybuilding
IFBB Pro Figure
IFBB Pro Bikini
Muscular Development - Come Watch the Pros Train
Championship Martial Arts
Dollamur Grappling Tournament
ISSN EUROPA University
NPC -  Amateur Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, Bikini, Fitness, Figure
Florida Strongman
USA Armwrestling
APF Powerlifting
Custom Car Show
Kid Funs Zone
Fitness On Stage Fashion Show
Fit Magazine Glamour On Stage Photo Shoot
Supplement Vendors

Thank you so much for your interest in helping, but we have no need for just “volunteers” for this event. If you want to be a part of this, in a volunteer capacity, you can help as a judge. Judges will have to pull some light volunteer duties, like situating gear and equipment between events, but because these events are in convention centers, there is no “bitch work” like parking detail and garbage pickup. It is a single day on judging/volunteering and does include entrance to the expo. We will make sure to schedule judging rotations so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the venue.

As of now, only athletes are permitted to bring in their own food. The food must be brought in via some type of smaller and reasonable container. No ice chests or coolers. These are not our rules and are simply “as of now.” We will update any changes to these policies as needed. There are food and drinks available for purchase at the convention center and we will schedule a lunch break that is long enough for all competitors, judges, and spectators to have a chance to grab something to eat.

Registration Cut Off: 
The deadline for event registration is the Wednesday prior to the Saturday competition.
Venue, Cut Off, Competition
Orlando, April 27, April 30
Hartford, July 27, July 30
Dallas, August 10, August 13
Chicago, September 28, October 1

At the competitions, there will be 3 individual WODs and 3 team WODs. WODs will be announced prior to the competition; most likely the Monday before the event. That will allow a window of time between WODs being announced and registration cut-off.

This is an absolutely all levels experience! However, at this point there are no divisions or scaled/elite classes. If needed, an individual can scale a WOD as necessary, but will not be included in the “As RX’d” scoring.

Being involved with the Europa shows gives us a unique way to spread CrossFit to the masses and more specifically, some of “the meatheads” of the fitness industry. These competitions are great for us to showcase the whole power output and work capacity side of CrossFit. We've trying to take some of the highly skill dependent movements out of the programming or modify requirements to allow everyone to have a shot. This is about offering a legitimate competition that also gives consideration to the participants and spectators.

I think that you can prove that someone is fit without having to "prove something" through the programming. I think that's where many CrossFit competitions have gotten a little silly; people are trying to one-up other events through having the most ridiculous WODs possible. That's not our aim at all. Honestly, are WODs like "Fran" not enough to evaluate fitness levels?

The event schedule for all events should be fairly similar and a sample schedule will be posted this week. Each specific event’s schedule will be posted in advance of the event, most likely on the Monday that the WODs post. You can assume a run time between 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. with a lunch break.

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