Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gotta love a good Snatch and a Clean Jerk

 What an amazing weekend Darian and I had at the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Seminar.  The seminar was held at Real Fitness A CrossFit Gym in Naples, Fl. on Sat. & Sun March 26th & 27th.

Coach Burgener lead the seminar which was an amazing treat for me. I've watched dozens of his coaching videos and always admired his coaching skill and wealth of knowledge. This was a real treat.

Even though I've been performing and teaching the Olympic Lifts (Snatch & Clean N Jerk) for many years I was still able to learn from Coach Burgener and improve my own form and technique. That's the beautiful thing about exercise is that you never stop learning and practicing. You can always learn something new if you keep your mind open.

If anyone is interested in Olympic Lifting and has thought about wanting to coach it or just improve their own form and technique I highly recommend taking this course. You can go to and click on CrossFit Specialty Courses to register for this and many other incredible courses.

Oh yeah, I also learned the Junk Yard Warm-Up & the Burgener Warm-Up this weekend from Coach Burgener.

So get ready CrossFitters. We'll be starting this Monday morning.

You're going to LOVE IT!
And for those that don't. Well, we can always replace it with Burpees!

Have a great night and I'll see everyone in the gym,

Jeremy Barnett

Mike Burgener, owner of Mike's Gym (a CrossFit affiliate and USAW Regional Training Center), is a USAW Senior International Coach, former junior World team (1996-2004) and senior World team coach (2005), and strength and conditioning coach at Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista, Calif.

Should you decide to attend the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Seminar this is what you'll have to look forward to:

Spend two full days with CrossFit Olympic Weighlifting Seminar Staff learning, studying and practicing the Olympic lifts. The snatch and clean and jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to your strength training. These lifts are indispensable to CrossFit programming and expert coaching is a powerful advantage. 

Saturday: all day snatch instruction

  • 0900: Introductions
  • 0930: Snatch instruction
    1. Burgener warm up
    2. Snatch skill transfer exercises
    3. Snatch from high hang
  • 1200: Lunch
  • 1300: Barbell snatch instruction
    1. Snatch from mid thigh
    2. Snatch from below knee
    3. Snatch from floor
  • 1600: Secure
  • 0900: Review
  • 0930: Front squat instruction and practice
  • 1000: Learning the clean and practice
  • 1200: Lunch
  • 1300: Learning the jerk:
    1. Skill transfer exercises
    2. Footwork
  • 1400: Putting the clean and jerk together
  • 1500: Workout: (this depends on the ability of the class)
  • 1600: Secure

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