Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fort Myers CrossFitTB- Fri. 3/11/2011 WOD

Warm Up;
4 x Jog
4 x Run
2 x High Knees
2 x Butt Kicks
2 x Lateral Shuffle
Lunge Stretch
Leg/Hip/Calf Stretches
WOD: 4 rounds timed- 2 Teams
Sled Push down & back
Sprint to 41 & Back
Row 200m
O.H. Plate Carry to 41 & back

Skill: 1x Muscle Up on the Minute for Ten Minutes

Thrusters: 4 x 5x (Warm Up)

WOD: For Time
100x 75# Thrusters
*4x 24in. Box Jumps on the Minute (Workout Starts with Jumps)

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