Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adam is in the lead!

Bi-Weekly 50/50 Fitness Challenges
This is your chance to Get Paid for getting Fit

Our first competitor Adam Malloy just completed his squat challenge with 62 reps in 60 sec.'s.
It's time to step up and take the challenge CrossFitters. Who can beat Adam?

Sign up NOW for your chance to WIN BIG $$$$!

Registration will be $5.00 (CASH) per challenge. 
Each $5.00 registration fee will go towards a Cash Prize Pot.

The winner of the Fitness Challenge will collect 50% of the total pot and get their name displayed on the Fitness Challenge board in the gym. 

The remaining 50% will go towards our CrossFit equipment fund to help purchase new toys for the gym such as: (New barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, bumper plates etc…)

Our First Fitness Challenge will be:

·Most BW Squats in 60 sec.
Must squat to MB and return to full knee/hip extension each rep
Challenges will take place 5 min. before each scheduled class hour.                    
DO NOT show up after class has started to test!

Participants will have from 3-15-2011 to 3-31-2011 to complete the above Fitness Challenge.

Should a participant choose to re-test for a better score an additional $5.00 (CASH) will be required!
Re-Testing must be completed by 3-31-2011

If you’re ready to compete and WIN some $$$$ contact: 
Jeremy Barnett  or Cordula Burnsed at 239-851-3940 , or 
see Jeremy & Cordula in the gym during scheduled class hours.

Good Luck,
CrossFit Thoroughbreds
Jeremy Barnett, Owner
L-1 CrossFit Coach, ISSA-CFT


  1. Ridgeo takes the lead in the Squat Challenge. 70 reps total.

    Who can beat Ridgeo??

    Time to step up people!!!

  2. BIG D stepped up to the challenge today and we now have a new leader.

    BIG D scored 74 reps in 60 sec. on the squat challenge.

    We still have 5 days left in the squat challenge CrossFitters.
    Time to step up and take the lead!

    Come in before class starts to complete the squat challenge this week.
    You could win some $$$$!!!

  3. Let's go people!
    Friday is the last day of the squat challenge. Step up, take the challenge and WIN some $$$$!