Monday, February 7, 2011

Fort Myers CrossFitTB- Tues. 2/8/2011 WOD

Warm Up;

4 x Jog

4 x Run

2 x High Knees

2 x Butt Kicks

2 x Lateral Shuffle


Lunge Stretch

Leg/Hip/Calf Stretches

WOD: Complete 5 Rounds

5 Sit Ups then Sprint to end of room then complete 5 Burpees
Then Complete:
Tabata (20 sec. work, 10 sec. rest, 8 rounds each exercise)

Row (As many calories as possible each 20 sec.)

Jump Rope

Bear Crawl

Mountain Climbers

Skill: Snatch Progression
3x Hang Hugh Pulls
3x OH Squat
3x Snatch Balance

3 x 10x Floor Wipers (over and back = 1)
3 x 2x TGUs (each arm)

WOD: One minute on, one minute off for TEN minutes.
30x 50#KB Swings
Penalty - you have the 1 minute to get the 30x swings, you have a 1,000 meter row for every time you do not get 30 reps.  Rounds completed is your score.

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