Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fort Myers CrossFit TB- Wed. 2/9/2011 WOD

Warm Up:

Shoulder Stretches


Front Squats



Push Ups (Hand release on bottom)

Core Work: Bench Press 75%

5 x 50%, 5 x 60%, 5 x 70%, (5 x 5 x 75%)

WOD: Complete 4 rounds- Rest 1 min. between rounds

(Start with 65% of 1rm Push Press then increase weight each round)

BB Push Press 10, 8, 6, 4

BB Hang High Pulls 10, 8, 6, 4

Complete 3 Rounds- Rest 1-2 min. between rounds

Dips x 5 weighted

DB or KB Plank Rows x 10 each arm (Heavy)

MB Push Ups x 15

Ring Rows x 20

Sumo Deadlift: work up to 3 sets of 3x @ 90%

Pull Up Progression: Start as wide as possible, and work your way in completing 5 sets of 5x STRICT pull ups and finishing with hands together in the center of the bar.  After, complete 3 sets of 3x Bar Muscle Ups.

Auxiliary Work:
3 x 10x Good Mornings
3 x 10x SDLHPs (light --- speed work)

Durability: 5 Rounds Not For Time
20x GHD Situps
Yoke Carry Down and Back
20x Double Unders

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