Saturday, December 11, 2010

PR Successes

We had a great turnout for PR Friend Day today. We had a total of eight lifters test for their new PR maxes on the Back Squat, Front Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Push Press & Push Jerk. Lots of big numbers and new PR's made today. Thank you to all the lifters for coming and to their friends and family for joining us and giving their support.

Below is a list of each lifters new PR's.

Front Squat:
Darian 295 lbs.
Jeremy 245 lbs.
Ridgeo 250 lbs.

Back Squat:
Darian 475 lbs.
Jean 475 lbs.
Adam 185 lbs.
Arielle 140 lbs.
Teresa 105 lbs.
Jared 405 lbs.
Eric 195 lbs.
Kristi 145 lbs.

Bench Press:
Darian 285 lbs.
Jean 350 lbs.
Jeremy 295 lbs.
Adam 215 lbs.
Arielle 105 lbs.
Teresa 85 lbs.
Jared 265 lbs.
Eric 165 lbs.

Darian 525 lbs.
Jean 480 lbs.
Jeremy 295 lbs.
Arielle 190 lbs.
Jared 375 lbs.
Eric 265 lbs.

Push Press:
Jeremy 225 lbs.
Arielle 95 lbs.
Teresa 90 lbs.
Jean 275 lbs.

Push Jerk:
Darian 300 lbs.
Jared 215 lbs.
Eric 135 lbs.

Ridgeo- Front Squat 250 lbs.

Jeremy- Front Squat 245 lbs.

Darian- Front Squat 295 lbs.

Darian- Back Squat 475 lbs.

Jean- Back Squat 475 lbs.

Adam- Back Squat 185 lbs.

Arielle- Back Squat 140 lbs.

Teresa- Back Squat 105 lbs.

Jared- Back Squat 405 lbs.

Eric- Back Squat 195 lbs.

Kristi- Back Squat 145 lbs.

Darian- Bench Press 285 lbs.

Jean- Bench Press 350 lbs.

Jeremy- Bench Press 295 lbs.

Adam- Bench Press 215 lbs.

Arielle- Bench Press 105 lbs.

Teresa- Bench Press 85 lbs.

Jared- Bench Press 265 lbs.

Eric- Bench Press 165 lbs.

Darian- Deadlift 525 lbs.

Jean- Deadlift 480 lbs.

Jeremy- Deadlift 295 lbs.

Arielle- Deadlift 190 lbs.

Jared- Deadlift 375 lbs.

Eric- Deadlift 265 lbs.

Jeremy- Push Press 225 lbs.

Arielle- Push Press 95 lbs.

Teresa- Push Press 90 lbs.

Jean- Push Press (tried 300 failed)
Completed 275 lbs.

Darian- Push Jerk 300 lbs.

Jared- Push Jerk 215 lbs.

Eric- Push Jerk 135 lbs.


  1. Great work by all your athletes!
    Excellent coaching + dedicated athletes = PRs
    as you have shown!

  2. Thanks Frank. How's your facility doing? Any competitions coming up?