Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm in the Army now!

I would like to congratulate one of my old high school buddies for making it into the Army. Mark Bunton was sworn in this past Saturday 12-11-2010 into the Army. I wish him the best of luck with this new venture. I know he will serve our country well.

Here is a testimonial from Mark:

Just wanted to let you know that I DID in fact join the ARMY. I swore in on Saturday. Will be training for Health Care Specialist (EMT). I appreciate the excercise schedule you sent over. I started out pretty heavy. Could definitely feel the effort. This past week I had to take it easy. Didn't want to go into the physical feeling sore. Needless to say, after an all day physical test, I passed. Took the oath and will ship out to Basic Training on May 9th to Ft Jackson in S. Carolina. I am going to start back at my program. Will be training on Thursdays with my recruiter. he will be running me through some of their official excercises and prepping me to pass the endurance and physical tests I will have to take when I get to basic training. I do plan to document my progress with photos and notes on what I am doing in regards to excercise and eating. The eaiting part will be tough. My mother loves to cook and eat so I will do my best to keep my eating under control and avoid fatty and processed foods. I am pretty excited about it and look forward to being in shape for the first time in my life. I have my work cut out for me but will keep you updated from time to time. My focus will be my abdomen and chest. Core strength. mainly going to focus on sit ups, push-ups and long slow runs. I have to be able to run a mile in 8 minutes 17 seconds. I am pretty sure I can handle that now so I want to knock as much time off that as possible. Again, thanks for your input. I wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas. See you soon.

Mark S. Bunton

Graphic Designer &
Digital Artist

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