Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mon. 9-6-2010 Labor Day

 No Scheduled CrossFit classes today. Open Gym Only!

Warm up:

Shoulder dislocaters

Dead lifts

Front squats


WOD: Angie Timed

100 each

Push Ups

Pull Ups

Sit Ups


RidgeWOD: For all followers, you are awesome, and the week before last I tweeked my back just a bit on a deadlift WOD from Crossfit Pori, so I worked with Jeremy to create a "recovery week." After what turned out to be a relatively tough week with a load of pull ups, toes to bar, push ups, and a full "Cindy" my back feels better and I am going to start a STRENGTH program for four weeks that Jeremy designed; he's the man!

THIS WEEK: 70% of 1RM
BACK SQUAT w/ Bands: 1 x 10x, 1 x 8x, 5 x 5x, 3 x 3x - increase weight each round

Auxiliary Work: 90 seconds rest only between sets/rounds; increase weight each set
1. Barbell Box Step Ups: 3 x 10x each leg
2. KB Overhead Lunges: 3 x 12x each leg
3. KB Swings (American): 1 x 15x, 1 x 12x, 1 x 10x, 1 x 8x

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