Monday, September 27, 2010

Lose the Fat, Improve Performance

For those of you not sure what to eat or how to put your meals together I believe this site can help you.

Paleo Plan

This eating plan will be based around a new concept in eating for maximum health and athletic performance: we are going to look to providing the body with it’s optimum fuel and building blocks – the very foods it was designed to run on.
Much of what the average Westerner eats (as much as 70%) are foods that are found nowhere in nature. The foods we eat instead are refined or manufactured concoctions that are actually foreign to the body’s genetics. Even much of what has been deemed “healthy” or “food for optimal performance” is of this kind. Instead, we will try to eat similarly to our hunter-gatherer ancestors: quality meats, lots of vegetables, roots, and some nuts, fruits, seeds, and berries.
The quantity and quality of nutrients will me maximized this way, while removing many of the problematic staples of the typical Western diet. We’ll prepare foods in simple ways that will be familiar, though. It will be the best of both worlds: quality Paleolithic foods updated to the 21st century. Once you have adapted to eating this way, you’ll likely have improved sleep, better energy levels during the day, quicker recovery from exercise, improved mental acuity, and better digestion.

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