Sunday, May 23, 2010

Success Story

Phil Roberts - Age 28
Sarting weight: 371 lbs.
Current weight as of 5-24-2010: 288
Total weight lost to date: 83 lbs.

(Phil left, Jeremy-Coach center, Alex-riding partner right)

My weight loss journey begin July 2009 when I went to my first Strongman Competition in Ft. Myers, Fl.  I watched friends of mine compete in the toughest comeptition of their lives. Seeing the commitment and determination of these people to never give up excited me and lite a spark in me to do the same for myself.

This was the beginning of my journey. I was now determined to drop the weight and get in shape. Not in the cliche' since but for real. A good friend of mine Jeremy Barnett ownes and operates CrossFit Thoroughbreds  here in Ft. Myers, Fl.  I asked him to help me get started on the right path. Jeremy and with the help of another trainer Danny Aguirre worked with me on my diet and training program.

I started the Metabolic Typing Diet and learned to eat 5-6 times per day. Smaller more well balanced meals that fit my specific metabolism.  This isn't a quick fix plan. This is a lifestyle change. I cant 'say I'm 100% perfect all the time on it but I have made postive changes enough to help me lose 83 lbs. in 10 months of hard work.

I tried various types of fitness training. I started with powerlifting, strongman training then tried CrossFit training. All worked well and helped to give me a solid foundation to build on.  The strength training helped to make me stronger, build lean muscle which in turn helped me to burn more fat and calories all day.

In January 2010 my friend and trainer Jeremy Barnett introduced me to road cycling.  He helped me pick out a bike to buy and all the necessary gear to go with it. He worked with me on form and technique, pace and cadence in the beginning. I started out only able to do 2-4 miles each ride. Jeremy taught me about proper cycling nutrition and also intoduced me to Hammer Nutrition supplements for endurance athletes. This helped my training rides tremendously. No longer was I dehydrated and fatigued on my rides. I now had enough energy and fuel to go longer and faster. Now 5 months into my cycling training I can now do 25-30 miles with no problem. My goal is to be able to do a century ride (100 miles) by the end of the year 2010.

So far I'm on the right track. I still have another 100 lbs. to lose but I now know what it takes to make it happen. Now "It's Time to Hammer it Out !"

Before Pictures

Current Picture: 83 lbs Lost

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