Wednesday, December 16, 2009

EA Girls make it to RAW Unity!

Three of our EA women have qualified and been excepted to compete in the 2010 RAW Unity meet. Our very own Presley Lynch age 15 will be the youngest person, male or female to ever qualify for this prestigious event. Congratulations Presley!

Congratulations to Lindsay Wright and Sarina Woodworth for also qualifying to compete. You girls have worked so hard this year and it has definitly paid off. All  three of you have made us proud at EA and we look forward to seeing your results from the RAW Unity meet in Jan. 2010.

Sarina Woodworth

Lindsay Wright

Presley Lynch

14 lifters have confirmed that they will represent R.A.W. United at the 2010 RAW Unity Meet! The federation will utilize proceeds from the 2009 season to sponsor each lifter, and we are honored that they chose R.A.W. United! The team includes the following athletes:

Kathleen Audet, Cathy Cox, Amanda Graham, Presley Lynch, Samantha Shores, Taylar Stallings, Sarina Woodworth, Lyndsay Wright

Tony Conyers, Michael Francis, James Jacobs, Brian Kissel, Beau Moore, Eric Talmant, Daniel Tinajero

Thanks again to everyone, and God Bless,
RAW United