Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fri. 11-27-09 WOD

We will only have 2 Boot Camp style classes on Friday 11-27-09. We will offer an 8am & 9am class ONLY! NO early or late evening classes!

Enjoy the holiday and have fun with the family. We will have regularly scheduled Boot Camp classes on Sat. 11-28-09. If you have any questions please contact Jeremy at 239-851-3940 or at .

Warm Up:
Shoulder Stretches
High Knees
Band Rows

KB SDLHP (Men 60+, Women 40+)
Push Ups
Pull Ups
Wall Ball Shots
Sit Ups


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  2. Hi Susan,

    I understand everyone has a miracle product to sell. Gotta make a buck.

    We do things a little differrent
    at EA. We have our clients tested through Metabolic Typing to determine nutritional deficiencies.

    Once we know what nutrients they are lacking then we can suggest a proper nutritional supplement to them. Simply giving someone an all purpose miracle "vitamin juice" may not be the best thing for a client.

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    Visit and learn more about Metabolic Typing. I think it'll be a real eye opener for you. I know it was for me.