Monday, November 30, 2009

EA Youth Club Update

A big post-Turkey day thanks from all of us at EA for those that have responded to the EA Thoroughbred Challenge!

We're encouraged by all of the questions, interest and even some early commitments. What better way to work off those holiday calories and lighten the burden on your wallet too. We understand that times are tough and that's why we are extending this contest to everyone. We want to make it easier for you to get or stay involved with our gym. In this challenge, when you give you definitely get back:

Blue Ribbon, 1 yr EA membership = highest $ amount donated or referred ($2,500 minimum)

Runner Up, 6 mnth EA membership = 2nd highest $ amount donated or referred ($1,500 minimum)

2nd Runner Up, 3 mnth EA membership = 3rd highest $ amount donated or referred ($1,000 minimum)

4th Place, 6 mnth EA Bootcamp membership = 4th highest $ amount donated or referred ($500 minimum)

Keep in mind folks, it is not just what you give, it is what you can get others to give as well. If you refer an individual or organization to us, you get credit towards the Challenge. Corporate donations and grants to non profit organizations are down in this economy, no doubt about it. However, donations from private philanthropists have actually stayed just about level. There's a ton of investment money sitting on the sidelines right now and philanthropists want to put their names on a legacy. The EA Youth Club will be that legacy! Who do you know that gives? Large or small? This youth outreach will impact and change lives. Send emails, refer anyone and everyone to us, get involved! Again, for more info please go to any of the below links:

EA Youth Club FaceBook Page

EA Youth Club Website

Thanks for your time and generosity! We'll be in touch with updates and look forward to celebrating with you in the new year!

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Kollar Independent Consulting

& Development, LLC

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