Tuesday, August 25, 2009


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No More Shopping for Protein!

EA now sells it's own line of high quality protein. "Be True Protein"

EA's Be True Protein shake is great as a pre-workout and post workout drink. I know how many of you hate the thought of getting up early in the morning to cook breakfast before training.

EA's Be True Protein shake makes it easy for you to get all the vital nutrients your body needs before our tough & grueling workouts.

Still don't have enough time after your workout to cook, sit down and eat?

EA's Be True Protein shake can hit the spot.

Use EA's Be True Protein shake as your post workout recovery drink.

Replenish your used up glycogen stores and fill your muscles up with high quality EA Be True Protein.

Be True Protein uses only the best WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE.

It is cross flow microfiltered and contains NONE of the following ingredients:

NO MSG, NO Artificial Flavors, NO Artificial Colors, NO Aspartame,

NO Sucralose, NO Fructose, NO Acesulfame-K & NO Soy Protein.

Buy EA's Be True Protein in the gym or go online and buy it at:

You can pick it up in the gym or have it shipped directly to your home or business.

EA's Be True Protein comes in delicious Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors.

Each container is 2 lbs.

Buy your EA Be True Protein ONLINE NOW for:

ONLY $25.00 / 2 lb. container

Tax and shipping not included!


In Store Specials ONLY! (NOT SOLD ONLINE!)

Buy 2 for ONLY $46.00

Buy 4 for ONLY $80.00

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