Saturday, August 22, 2009

Murph Reults

We had 12 brave souls show up for Boot Camp this morning. Murph was the workout of the day. We modified with two smaller versions of Murph for Beginner and Intermediate members. Below is the workout version each person completed as well as their time.

Murph Prescribed Version:
Efrain 43:33
Trey 55:30
Justin 1 hr. 12:01
Sarina 1 hr. 11:04
Melissa 1 hr. 13:33
Jay 1 hr. 6:55
Mini Murph Modified Version:
Amber 42:40
Sam 1 hr. 7:37
Carl 1 hr. 9:48

Micro Murph Modified Version:
Spencer 20:42
Chad 21:42
James 35:39 (Congrat's on completing your first CrosFit WOD with us. Nice Job!)

Painful memories:

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