Friday, June 19, 2009

Zach Evenesh--Straight to the point

1. You can’t get stronger. Add weight to the bar and crank the tunes. Stop being scared of the weights.

2. You can’t gain muscle. You’re not training hard enough, period. You train like a wussy and eat like a bird, enough said.

3. You think dumbbells can’t do the job. I have a 150 lb dumbbell in my gym. If you can snatch it, clean & press it, floor press it, row it, carry it and swing it, you ARE a strong MoFo! Dumbbells work, and if they don’t work, it means you ain’t workin’ hard enough.

4. You keep looking for the “Secret Sauce”. Stop looking for the secret supplement. You won’t find results in a bottle or a jar. Earn it, SON!

5. You have NO passion for strength and muscle. If you don’t love the iron you will NEVER gain strength and muscle as fast as the next guy who loves wrapping his hands around a heavy barbell or dumbbell.

6. You’re a Quitter. Push yourself to the limit. Train hard. Stop popping zits in the mirror and checking your hair. The set ends when you have pushed past your limits.

7. You use a cell phone while training. Do you check text messages or take phone calls when training? You SUCK!

8. You don’t Deadlift. This exercise ain’t pretty. Squat down, grip it and rip it. And NO, the leg press is not a substitute!

9. You don’t Squat. Putting BIG weights on your back is no joke. Squatting heavy AND for high reps will shock your body into new growth.

10. Your stomach always hurts. If you eat like shit your stomach will always bother you. Stop eating like shit and do what needs to be done to improver your fitness. If not, you will always be nauseous. Get in shape and commit to yourself. And guess what, sometimes you just might throw up. Oh well.

That’s my rant.

I’m tired of the half assers and tired of the free loaders.
I’m tired of the quitters, the whiners and complainers.
Tired of the jealous assholes who feel entitled to everything.
It’s called WORK.

Step up, train hard, work hard and get your hands dirty.
Till the next time…

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