Friday, June 19, 2009

Sat. 6-20-09 BOOT CAMP

Sat. 6-20-09 BOOT CAMP:

KB Training (1 min., 30 sec. rest, 3 rounds/exercise)

KB Swings Single Arm (Goal=20 / min. / side)
Push Ups (Goal=30 reps)
KB Front Squat Single Arm (Goal= 30 / min. / side)
KB Push Presses Single Arm (Goal=20 / min. / side)

Then Complete 2 Rounds:
KB Carry 1 lap around bldg. (men 40-60, women 20-40)
20 Burpees

P.S. Don't forget to pre-register for our Metabolic Typing Seminar on June 27th. 
Early registration is $50.00/person. 

Pre-registration END date is Saturday 6-20-09.  
All other registrations after June 20th will be $65.00.


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