Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 1 - Level 1 Skill Test Completed

Hey CrossFitters,

I'd like to congratulate our first (10) Level 1 Test participants on completing their first weeks skill level exercises. Everyone did an amazing job today and each person passed their first 4 test exercises this week.

Only 8 more weeks to go. Keep training hard to be the winner of the CASH PRIZE. To date there is $100.00 up for grabs. At this rate it looks like we could be up to $800.00 by the end of the 8 weeks.

Remember, the 1st male and female to finish all 21 exercises on the Level 1 Skills chart will split the cash prize 50/50. You could walk away with $400.00 in your pocket just for working out. Now that's incentive to get in shape!

Time to train your butts off and start working like crazy to win some BIG $$$$$.

If you missed out today and would still like to particpate in the Level 1 Skill Test please contact Jeremy Barnett to set up an appointment.

Thank you to everyone that came out to participate. You did a great job. Keep training hard and get ready for next Thursday's test.

Level 1 Skill Test Participants:

Sarina Woodworth- Completed:
Push Ups, L-Sit, 400 m. Run (1:28), 500 m. Row (1:52)

Peter Schmid- Completed:
Deadlift, Sit Ups, Knees to Chest, 400 m. Run (1:22)

Doug Hunt- Completed:
Deadlift, High Pull, Wall Ball Shots, 500 m. Row (1:34)

Julie Raccicot-Taylor- Completed:
Squats, Push Ups, Kettlebell Swings, 500 m. Row (2:06)

Lindsay Wright- Completed:
Push Ups, Static Hang, 2000 m. Row (8:54), 400 m. Run (1:32)

Shelley Hair- Completed:
Squats, Wall Ball Shots, 400 m. Run (1:34), 500 m. Row (2:00)

Kristi Wood- Completed:
Deadlift, Sit Ups, Knees to Chest, L-Sits

Amy McCluskey- Completed:
Squats, Vertical Jump, Static Hang, 500 m. Row (1:55)

Sara Kida-Completed:
Squats, Static Hang, L-Sit, 500 m. Row (2:08)

Shannon Stefanacci- Completed:
Vertical Jump, Static Hang, Knees to Chest, 400 m. Run (1:17)

Good luck and train hard,
Jeremy Barnett

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