Monday, April 13, 2009

Tues. 4-14-09 WOD

Tues. 4-14-09 WOD:
Warm Up
Shoulder Stretches
High Knees
Lat. Shuffle
30 yrd. light runs x 4
Band Rows
Band Presses

WOD: Timed Runs
4 x 400 m. Runs (Rest 2-3 min. between runs)
Try to improve each run time
WOW guys! Everyone did an amazing job today on the 400 m. Dash. Below are your times and placement. Get plenty of rest and I'll see everyone tomorrow.
400 m. Dash Times

1st Place: Jeremy Ridgeo 56 sec.
2nd Place: Nick DePaolo: 1:02
3rd Place: Jeff Beauburn: 1:03
4th Place: Doug Hunt: 1:04 tie
4th Place: Andy LaForce: 1:04 tie
5th Place: Andy Potts: 1:05
6th Place: Rich Kissell: 1:07 tie
6th Place: Ben Townley: 1:07 tie
7th Place: Efrain Santos: 1:08
8th Place: Trey Doughtery: 1:11 tie
8th Place: Dino DeAngelo: 1:11 tie
8th Place: Ryan Ferischian: 1:11 tie
9th Place: Shannon Stefanacci: 1:13
10th Place: Sarina Woodworth: 1:19
11th Place: Joe LaCroix: 1:20 tie
11th Place: Tenya Meyers: 1:20 tie
12th Place: Kent Schul: 1:22
13th Place: Lynn Hobby: 1:23
14th Place: Shelley Hair: 1:28 tie
14th Place: Lisa Potts: 1:28 tie
15th Place: Verella Doughtery: 1:29
16th Place: Melissa Flexsenhar: 1:32
17th Place: Linsday Wright: 1:33
18th Place: Will Krukowski: 1:38
19th Place: Rebecca Brestal: 1:40
20th Place: Lisa Epperson: 1:43
21st Place: Arthur Fleck: 1:47 tie
21st Place: Julie Raccicot-Taylor: 1:47 tie

22nd Place: Ed Bleackley: 2:03
23rd Place: Donna Courtade: 2:06
24th Place: Claudine Lahors: 2:10
25th Place: Janet Leake: 2:11
26th Place: Pam Pence: 2:12

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