Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shoppin' for the GOLD!

Hey CrossFitters,

Take a Break from Sweating & Shop 'til You Drop!

The CrossFit Store is OPEN 24/7 and offers over 150 products.

CrossFit now offers:
(Men's and Women's clothes and many more great products)

Tank Tops
Long Sleeve
Short Sleeve
Hats & Caps
Coffee Mugs

Tons of great Evolved Athletics, CrossFit and (BIG D Powerlifting) logos and slogans to choose from.

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The funds from these items purchased will be utilized to help sponsor Darian Barnett (BIG D Powerlifting) with his competitions, gear, and travel expenses. He's currently working towards the USAPL World Championships in India at the end of this year. If we can get him there he will be competing against countries from around the globe for the GOLD. Your purchases will help to sponsor Darian and get him to the World Championships. Help us make this dream a reality and help Darian bring home the GOLD.

HURRY and get your Evovled Athletics Gear Today and help support Darian Barnett (BIG D Powerlifting) .

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BIG D RAW Powerlifting

BIG D in the Ft. Myers, Fl. News Press

BIG D 453 lb. Deadlift @ 15 yr. old, 188 lbs. com/watch? v=bKKaRk_ yfy0

BIG D 260 lb. Bench Press @ 15 yr. old, 188 lbs. com/watch? v=FejO1PXN4A4

BIG D Squats 415 lbs. @ 15 yr. old, 188 lbs. com/watch? v=CxrxSLIU7aE

Thanks for your continued support,

Jeremy Barnett,CFT
Evovled Athletics

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