Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank you to all my loyal members

Hey CrossFitters,

I want to welcome all of our new CrossFit members. In the past 2-3 weeks we've had 10 new Crossfit members join us. 

Welcome to our CrossFit family.

Say hello to:
Sabrina Pierson
Dawn Scarmozzino
Kristi Tuffo
Tania Meyers
Karen Wiley
Russ Baker
Todd Olmar
Josh Wright
Nick Rice
Amy Michelsen

I also want to acknowledge two of our longest running members:

Arthur Fleck and Dr. Craig  Sweet

If my memory serves me correctly Arthur Fleck has worked with me off and on for over 3 years now. Dr. Craig Sweet has been with me for almost 4 years now. You can correct me if I wrong guys. 

I appreciate your continued support and encouragement over the years. You've been with me through the good and the bad and have always stuck by my side. You're not only my clients but also valuable and trusted friends.

My clients are the reason I keep doing this everyday. There's no other job in the world that I would rather do for 15 hours a day every day. Each one of you make the long hours worth it for me.  CrossFit has become a family to me and I look forward to seeing each of you meet your goals.

Remember, I'm always here for you if you have any questions or concerns. You can speak with me at the gym, by phone 239-851-3940 or even by email at

Thank you for your continued support,
Jeremy Barnett

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