Friday, September 26, 2008

Sat. 9-27-08 BOOT CAMP

Sat. 9-27-08 BOOT CAMP: Remember…. Our CrossFit Night Out Party is Tonight @ 7:00pm at Blu Sushi off McGregor Blvd.


General Warm Up:  10 min.


BOOT CAMP: Partners in PAIN

(4 Rounds Per Exercise Group)


Group #1:

10-Push Ups

10- MB Squat Passes


Group #2:


20 MB Slams


Group #3:

20-Bench Dips

20-Jumping Pull Ups


Group #4:

20-Each Side Seated MB Trunk Rotations

20-Leg Raises


Cool Down: 1-Lap around bldg.

Cascades pro parkour yamakazi

Is there anything more functional fitness wise than parkour? Running, jumping, flipping, total body control and awareness. This is something that I have not dabbled in but stand in complete awe of. Not only the fitness level it takes to do parkour but also the size of the balls required. These guys are crazy! Enjoy!

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