Monday, September 29, 2008

Sandra's Comment

Sandra's comment on Erika's photo "Are the "uncontrollable side effects" guaranteed results Jeremy???"

My Response:
Absolutely!! All you have to do is:
1.-Come to CrossFit 4-5 times per week
2.-Give me 100% effort (no slacking or going through the motions)
3.-Follow the Zone Diet completely (not just once in a while)
4.-Stay committed and focused
5.-Make CrossFit and healthy eating your lifestyle 
(not something you do to drop a couple of pounds and go back to your old ways)

It can be done. 
Are you willing, ready and committed to putting in the time and energy to achieve the results you want??

Uncontrollable side effects 
from long term CrossFit use below.
If you do not want to get leaner, stronger,
sexier and healthier please 
Erika Kiss, CF Assistant Coach


  1. Actually the thing I want to achieve from Crossfit training more is to be able to max out my Army PT (Physical Training) test... I've never been able to but came close while at AIT at Fort Huachuca, AZ. The last test I took I barely passed my situps and did okay on my push ups. My run greatly improved from the previous attempt but was still marignal. To see the standards by age group and gender check out: ( everyone can look at them and see where they might be! The minimum Army standards to pass is 60%. The P/U & S/U is how much you can complete in a 2 minute time period and a 2 mile run. (The 50% mentioned there is to pass out of basic training I think). My last test was: 32 P/U - 81%, 50 S/U - 60% and the 2 Mile run was 15:42(I think?) - 70%


  2. I want to know how I can get a body like that and still stay married to my wife. Is that wrong?

  3. For Sandra, I would suggest 4-5 days of CrossFit training to see the best results. This will definitely help to improve your performance and help you to pass the PT test.

    For Joe, Diet, Diet, Diet! It all goes back to your diet. I tell what Joe. You get a body like Erika's and I'll marry you.

  4. I can pass it thats not an issue now (well barely on the S/U) but I want to be an "overachiever" and max out the female standards for my age group, which is the 2nd hardest age groups to max out. The first being the 27-31 age group. Then maybe when that gets easy I can look at max-ing the male standards! It can be done as a girl my platoon did it at AIT and made all the boys look bad! LOL!


  5. Well, looks like we have a goal now. I want to see you break the boys standards and make them have to work harder. Let's do this.